My Vegan Cookbook – Pre Sale (AUS only)


Distribution will start in December 2021 – reserve your copy now at the pre-launch price.

Over 150 simple, delicious and wholesome recipes that take you all around the world in a day eating plant based and whole foods…who would have thought? French Toast for breakfast, Maltese Hobz Bil Zejt for lunch, Korean Ramen Noodles for Dinner and famous Anzacs with a soothing cuppa in the arvo or before bedtime.

You won’t get hungry and will definitely love eating and sharing your love of food. This book is 210 x 290mm and has 376 pages full of delicious recipes with colour photographs, health and wellbeing information, protein and iron requirements, meal plans, references to further develop your own knowledge, how psychology influences our eating, and a little bit about my Maltese.

As a psychologist, I use key principles to help take small steps and provide easy to access information to make choices to eat what works for you. It shows that most of what we eat is already plant based and that with a few small and simple changes anyone can increase their physiological and psychological health. The book is a story of doing your best, learning how to feel confident with food, and that with some basics many a delicious recipe can be put together to satisfy nourish, heal and nurture. I am so looking forward to hearing back from you with stories of improved health that you will notice within days and weeks (crazy, I know). Be kind, enjoy many moments of each day, and I hope this book inspires you to cook great new foods and make small changes that work for you. Betty Chetcuti


‘How did one conversation in a café lead to my decision to become vegan? How did planning meals for my family grow into this book? I am a psychologist, a mum of three, of Maltese heritage and I love cooking. My book is about your health with plant-based recipes to satisfy, nourish, heal and nurture. I hope this book inspires you to cook great new foods and make small changes that work for you.’