About Betty

Connections are Important

Sessions are interactive, dynamic, practical, respectful.

I am available to work with clients for individual, family or couples counselling, organisational workplace programs, and community health programs and wellbeing events. 

My focus is on building connections with ourselves and others and exploring underlying cognitions, emotions and behaviours that affect and contribute to your happiness and success.

I qualified from a Psychology Masters degree in 1991 and have had a strong interest in working as a psychologist in my private psychology practice and with organisations as a change management consultant .  My approach includes assessing underlying issues and areas of focus, identifying contributing factors and blocks to the current experience, designing and discussing the right approaches for each client, and checking in with clients about their progress and outcomes against initial goals. My private practice has specialised in helping people take care of their emotions and to move towards living the life they want and dream about.


Supervision and Professional Development

I provide training presentations and supervision for psychology peers, and am a Board Approved Supervisor, with an Area of Practice Endorsement in Educational and Developmental Psychology.


When I am not working I enjoy many creative projects, including walking around my neighbourhood and exploring laneways and the latest home & garden projects, working on my cookbooks, supporting zero waste initiatives, cooking new taste sensations and old favourites, catching up with friends and family, following my favourite football team, making travel plans, shopping at local food markets, listening to podcasts about health and wellbeing, creating ways to reach more people and bring peace and contentment to their lives, and practising ways to have more joy and happiness in my own life.

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (Honours), La Trobe University
Master of Educational Psychology, University of Melbourne
Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists
Registered Psychologist, AHPRA, Psychology Board of Australia
Approved Area of Practice Endorsement in Educational and Developmental Psychology, AHPRA, Psychology Board of Australia
Board Approved Supervisor, AHPRA, Psychology Board of Australia